Joanna Warner-Smith

Member since: February 2005

I've been a member since february 2005 and have enjoyed various different roles.

My favourite is still my first role, of mad Angela in Abigails party.

As well as acting I also enjoy riding horses, walking in the country side and playing with my lovely cat Kara.

Productions I've been part of:

Date Production Role
September 2015 The Memory of Water Mary Details
September 2014 A Penny for a Song Hester Details
May 2014 Brief Encounter Hermione Rolandson Details
September 2013 Round and Round the Garden Sarah Details
September 2012 Songs, Sketches & Supper Various Details
September 2011 Holiday Snap Mary Details
May 2011 All My Sons Sue Bayliss Details
September 2010 No Dinner for Sinners Edna Details
May 2010 A Foot in the Door Angela Assistant Details
November 2009 SHOWCASE - three plays in one night Vicki (Starlover) Details
September 2009 Kindertransport Director Details
April 2009 Starlover Vicki Details
September 2008 Black Comedy Clea Details
May 2008 An Evening with Gary Lineker Birgitta Details
September 2007 Jane Eyre Leah Details
September 2006 Large As Life Liz Details
May 2006 Will You Still Love Me In The Morning Sara Ward Details
January 2006 The Sleeping Beauty Prince Valiant Details
September 2005 'Allo 'Allo Mimi Details
May 2005 Abigail's Party Angela Details

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