Large As Life

by Richard Harris & Keith Strachan

Directed and produced by: Peter Yates

Production Date: September 2006

Take six pregnant women; mix in some elements of surprise, a touch of resentment, plenty of anxiety and some plain silliness - and you've got the musical ‘LARGE As LIFE’ by RICHARD HARRIS and KEITH STRACHAN. Women’s emotions can be erratic when pregnant, and yours will be all over the place as you follow the highs and lows of their, and their partners’, nine month journeys to parenthood. For some the prospect of adding another person to the family is something to be treasured; others view it with rather more caution. BISHOPSTOKE PLAYERS' latest delivery promises lots of laughs, dilemmas, and time to contemplate the joy, and occasionally sadness, which a new arrival can bring. You won't need any gas and air though! ‘LARGE AS LIFE’ was originally produced at the Nuffield Theatre over ten years ago under the title ‘BABY LOVE’. Richard Harris also wrote “Outside Edge” and “Stepping Out”, both successful productions for Bishopstoke Players.


  • Large As Life
  • Large As Life
  • Large As Life


Reviewer Date
Hampshire Chronicle October 2006 Read

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