Funny Money

by Ray Cooney

Directed and produced by: Rachel Craig

Production Date: May 2004

COLIN CARTER WON ECHO'S CURTAIN CALL AWARD FOR "BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY / COMIC DRAMA" FOR THIS PRODUCTION AND PETE BURTON WAS ALSO NOMINATED IN THIS CATEGORY. What would you do if you found £735,000? Henry Perkins, a mild-mannered accountant, discovers that his briefcase has been swapped at the underground station, only to find that he is £735,000 better off! Meanwhile Jean, his wife, is preparing his birthday dinner and expecting friends round for the celebration. Jean gets frantic (and tipsy), as Henry wants to forget about his birthday and friends so that they can leave the country as soon as possible, having figured out that the money is definitely ‘funny’. An incredibly funny play for first-time Director, Rachel Craig, which also includes two police sergeants (one straight and one leaning slightly!), a cheeky taxi driver, and ‘Mr Big’!


  • Funny Money
  • Funny Money


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Daily Echo May 2004 Read

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