SHOWCASE - three plays in one night

Three Original One-Act Plays staged by our under-25s

Directed and produced by: Peter Yates

Production Date: November 2009

Being staged at Bishopstoke Memorial Hall, 13th & 14th November at 7.30 pm. Tickets only £3 each. POOL (NO WATER) displays the fragility of friendship and highlights how jealousy can ironically be inspired by success. One to make you think about life's expectations. STARLOVER, a story of unrequited love set amongst the tenuous world of the music industry, has previously been staged at two drama festivals last Spring, where it won the best actress category and two nominations for best supporting actress. The self-penned TRAINS, by our own Anne-Marie Baker and James McCowan, is a stunning piece of theatre which received tremendous reviews on its premiere showing at Wyvern College. Set during World War Two, it portrays a family at war within a war, a journey of well intended yet misplaced beliefs inviting tragedy.


  • Starlover
  • Trains


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