A Penny for a Song

by John Whiting

Directed and produced by: Jon Lightfoot

Production Date: September 2014

‘A Penny For A Song’ is a bright comedy set in the South coast of England in 1804. The Bellboys family, their friends and servants, the local militia – indeed, all of England - are engaged in making defiant preparations for the imminent invasion by the massed forces of Napoleon Bonaparte. Amidst these arrangements the daughter of the house, Dorcas, decides that it’s time she fell in love. The object of her affection, Edward, a mercenary returning from the wars in Europe, is determined to bring democracy and revolution to Britain. Hallam, a guest in the Bellboys’ house, is looking for something a little quieter than rabble-rousing as he tries to escape the ‘busy life’ of being a gentleman of leisure. Dorcas’s uncle, Sir Timothy, has his own, quite remarkable, plan for repulsing the French single-handed! THURSDAY 25TH TO SATURDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2014 AT 7.30 PM


Reviewer Date
Scene One September 2014 Read
Daily Echo September 2014 Read

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