Abigail's Party

by Mike Leigh

Directed and produced by: Barbara Yates

Production Date: May 2005

Ever been asked in for a drink by the neighbours? Well, if they're anything like Beverly - the monstrous hostess in Abigail’s Party - then make a polite, but firm refusal! Bishopstoke Players' production of Mike Leigh's kitsch comedy transports us back to the 1970s, when lava lamps were in vogue, décor was orange, brown and avocado, and sideboards were a best-seller! The play witnesses an uneasy social gathering at the home of Beverly and Laurence. The overbearing hostess nags and belittles her husband, before rounding on the mousy Angela with a series of veiled insults. And all that’s before she flirts, without caution, with Angela’s husband, Tony. Completing the motley crew is divorcee Sue, who frets her way through the evening, concerned with the antics of her teenage daughter, Abigail, who is throwing a party next door. It's a fascinating and minutely observed character study in suburban lives where despair is rife behind the supposed bonhomie.


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Daily Echo May 2005 Read
Daily Echo May 2005 Read

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